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GitInsights gives engineering leaders the visibility needed to build and maintain strong engineering teams.

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Example of insights dashboard

What is GitInsights?

GitInsights is a Github App that transforms your team's Github activity into actionable engineering insights, delivered via:


View your team's metrics on a single-page dashboard.


Your team's metrics delivered to your inbox weekly.

Use Case.

GitInsights provides engineering leaders with data to signal areas of focus.

For example:

Insights, Emailed Weekly

Receive a weekly summary of your team's contributions, emailed to your inbox whenever you want.

Example of insights dashboard

Installation & Setup

1. Install the Github App

Provide us read-only access to your Github repositories.

2. Select your team

Specify which developers to include in reporting.

3. You're set!

See your engineering team's insights within minutes.


GitInsights offers a free plan which includes 6 developer seats as well as a paid plan for $4/per developer seat/per month.

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